The name enfolds the project, one promptly referring to an international vision, beyond borders. Powerful it is, as would prove the product, ever amazing and versatile. A name – Iceberg – pronounced the same throughout the world, playfully imbued to all appearances with the anticonformist spirit underlying the sociocultural context in which it originated, as if some unmistakable DNA. They were years of change, ferment, a new sense of freedom. People began enjoying leisure time in a wider range of increasingly popular ways.

The intuitive idea centered on the need for a new clothing genre. Yet, just how new? To address what type of audience? To grow according to what indispensable rules? And then, to serve a board market or a niche one? The truth is, sportswear would mark the biggest mutation in modern patterns of dress and, along with, codes of behaviour. Setting out in 1974, Iceberg launched no less than a dual revolution: not simply sportswear, but knit sportswear.

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